Pilates Classes

Northamptonshire pilates: Physio-led Pilates Classes

Classes run in 5 or 6 week courses from Victoria Centre, Wellingborough
6-6.55pm & 7.05-8pm

The main bulk of the session will take place lying on a mat. Some exercises are designed for lying on your back, some on your side and some on your front, so that each muscle is activated correctly. I also add stretches to my sessions to enable muscle lengthening and improve joint mobility.
Please wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing and socks.

To ensure hygiene regulations it is a requirement that all participants bring and take home their own pilates mats and headrests (headrests can be a folded towel).

Pilates mats are available to purchase for £11.00 each. These are lightweight and thick (10mm) to ensure comfort when lying down. They also come complete with a carrying strap. You may be able to obtain thinner cheaper ones online if you prefer. Headrests are also available for £9.00 each, however a folded hand towel would be a perfectly acceptable alternative.
Any purchase will be given at your first pilates session in Wellingborough.

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Northamptonshire Pilates

Victoria Centre
46-50 Palk Road
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