Acupuncture In Physiotherapy.

Acupuncture in Physiotherapy.

There are two types of acupuncture: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and dry needling. Below we take a look at each type and how they’re used within our treatments.

TMC works by using specific acupuncture points along a meridian or channel. The Westernised theory of how acupuncture works is that the stimulus of applying a needle causes the release of the body’s natural pain and relieving chemicals, and encourages stimulation of the natural healing process. This type of acupuncture can be applied manually or with the aid of an electro-acupuncture machine.

Dry needling is a technique whereby the needle is placed into a trigger point (an over-sensitive module in a taught muscle). The needle is manipulated which causes an involuntary contraction of the muscle fibres called a twitch response.
This is thought to reduce the body’s pain chemicals around the point, release the muscle, and encourage the natural healing process.

At Northamptonshire Physio Clinic acupuncture is integrated into physiotherapy treatments rather than a stand-alone treatment.
It may be used alongside other hands-on techniques such as soft tissue release or manual therapy.

Please note: acupuncture will only be used with the patient’s signed consent, and following thorough physical and subjective assessment to rule out any contradictions.

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